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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dear (Pastor) John...

People come and go into our lives... Other chose to stay but there are some who will really stick closer to us. Their life becomes our inspiration. We can rarely find this kind of persons...
I am grateful to God that in my journey as an individual, He lead me to His people who may not really be that perfect but their existence made a difference in my life... I may sometimes felt alone  and empty  on the course of my journey, but God gave me people who filled it up and whom I can consider as my extended family... You are among them Pastor John...
The day I had my first Sunday service, I cannot forget that very warm smile welcoming me wholeheartedly... that was you, and right then I can feel like I really belong. I do admire you as a very loving  father to IJ and Dale as well as a romantic husband to Ate Grace... What an ideal couple I have in you!

I always remember most, if not all, of your nuggets of wisdom, your prank jokes, your loving advices, your words of discipline, your words of encouragement...

Ate Grace said we shared a lot in common when it comes to art, but for me, you are far better than me (considering the AGE...oops.... and the experience)... it runs in the blood, Bro? Seriously, how blessed I am to have known you Pas: my adviser, counselor, a real brother, a minister. Indeed, I can see a "real" person in you.

Thank you so much for everything, I may tend to forget uttering this words right into your face, but God knows that I really do.

May God continually bless you.

Happy Birthday!

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