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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Get Yourself a Safety Razor

How often do you shave? How safe is the razor that you are using? If shaving is part of your beauty regimen then reading this article is meant for you.

Shaving as what other people think are not only the concern of men, it is also the concern now of most women. I, for one, I do shaving regularly to get rid of those unwanted hairs on my armpit and legs. Gone were the days that only men has the right to use razor for shaving. I used to use disposable razor which is only good for two to three uses though the package says that it is only good for one use. The end result was cut and burns. This was my dilemma before because I tend to have cuts and burns one after another which eventually irritated my skin especially on my armpit.
To solve this dilemma, a friend advice me to use safety razor that uses blades that is suitable for longer use. The safety razor itself is quite expensive but worth the price because of its quality. If I tried to compare it with the disposable one I can still save for more considering that I only replace the blade when it becomes dull and the quality itself will save me from those unwanted cuts and burns. 

Aside from using safety razor it is also advisable to use shaving cream or shaving soap. This will help us to have a smoother finish compared to just using ordinary soap. Just choose unscented one just in case you are allergic to scent. Men and women alike will surely have a wonderful shaving experience.

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