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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Have You Got the Latest Dell ST2310? It's for Free!

Want to win this vibrant  Dell ST2310 and at the same time increase your Page Rank to 3? Sounds too good to be true? Not exactly! Check it out! The mechanic is so simple, just take their 8-item quiz for a chance to win the said item! hmmm.. nothing to lose! Come on, expand your imagination for a chance to own this wide screen displays for FREE!
Oh by the way, I took the test and here's the result:

Excel PowerPivot Quiz

I'm just a NEWBIE to Excelarator 2010! Nice try anyway :) Take the quiz as well! There's no harm in trying!
Oops.. this is just an update... (after 5 minutes of reviewing I took the exam again and the result was......

Excel PowerPivot Quiz

LOL! I got it perfect this time!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Am Not A Famous Blogger...

Yes, it's true... I Am Not A Famous Blogger... (as of this moment)...
But I am really really trying hard...
guess what? I learned to love blogging and it really doesn't matter to me now if I am famous or not...
What matters most is that I can express my thoughts here... I can share my insights...
AND slowly but surely, I was able to monetize my blog!
Perfect, isn't it? How I wish Ben Spark can give me more ideas and tips on how to become a famous blogger.... Or maybe, he will just consider me on his long list of (not yet) famous bloggers for interview (yes you read it right!).. Well well well... I am gonna be a famous blogger..... SOON!
How is that huh?

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