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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I've been drinking much coffee in a day. Ordinary (Instant) coffee is what I usually indulge. But there's one particular coffeehouse or coffeeshop that I have been where they serve a lot of varieties of coffee-hot and/or cold with assorted flavors. When I was in Manila together with my sister we treat ourselves at Starbucks Robinson Malate. Though you really have to spend quite a buck but its worth the price. I specially loved Coffee Frappucino Blended Coffee! Too bad there's no Starbucks here in Cagayan de Oro. I tried to browse their website  and I just learned that the coffee they are serving are not only loaded with unique blend but it has nutritional values as well!
Serving Size

16 fl. oz.

Amt Per Serving



Fat Calories


Total Fat (g)


Saturated Fat (g)


Trans Fat (g)


Cholesterol (mg)


Sodium (mg)


Total Carbohydrates (g)


Fiber (g)


Sugars (g)


Protein (g)


Vitamin A


Vitamin C






Caffeine (mg)


Well of course, coffee has caffeine but at least they added calcium into it. Here in Cagayan they have their counterpart- the Bo's coffee . :) Drink moderately!

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