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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Here I am again with my simple thoughts from my almost empty mind... I am supposed to have my class tonight but I'm not feeling well so I just let them submit their project for checking. Being a teacher is not an easy task especially if you have those now-you-see, now-you- don't type of students. If I have to be strict, there'll be more than five students who will really get a failing marks on my subject. Good thing others opt to drop this subject while others just simply disappear. 

 Well, another headache to overcome, I am totally unwell while writing this article. I've got a runny nose (I wonder how did this phrase "runny nose" become an adjective or shall I say noun in referring to almost unmanageable colds) Anyway, so much for that, I really have a hard time understanding all the rules in English language-but this is not my point of focus tonight.

A lot of not-so-good-things really happened nowadays. The news of killing, kidnapping. vehicular accidents, suicidal issues seems so normal occurrences that it does not bother the whole society anymore (except for those who are directly affected). The impeachment trial for Chief Justice Corona are still on process. As for me, this case becomes too personal that it becomes so clear through the media. Natural calamities also try to steal the focus. Indeed, my dear Philippines are bombarded with so many issues...

Locally, I am also getting sick and tired with all those bickering among politicians who are all aiming to seek local position on the next year's election. if you will listen daily to the radio, you can really tell if the said radio station are in favor with the current Administration or not. Anyway, they claim to be impartial with their opinions and they favored no one. but it was their claims (though you can really weigh it the way they deliver their issues).

So many issues to tackle upon but there's one question that I would like to seek for an answer... For how long will the evacuees  of the Typhoon Sendong who stayed on some public schools, churches and covered courts remain on their situation? For how long will they rely on the support of the government and other concerned citizen? The situation at the Tent City isn't really that good per hearsay... Well, obviously, when the rain falls, the place where Tent City was located is a great mistake. 

So many things  that really caught my attention. But honestly, all these will just suddenly creep into my mind while I am alone or when I am on the public utility vehicle (jeepney) patiently waiting for the driver to finally take the wheel when the vehicle was already filled with passengers. Mind you, the  traffic also makes my mind wander. While going into my destination, there I can see the roads being renovated with that sign SLOW DOWN, MEN WORKING AHEAD which will take for some months or worst years to finish! (That is why the word DOWN was greatly emphasized! LOL)

But all those thoughts and observations will completely vanish on my mind when I am already home. You know why? Because all I could think of was my baby, whom I know is waiting to be cuddled in my arms. My precious baby who became the reason why I work harder to supply all his needs...  That is why I am working hard as well on blogging to have an additional income :)
However, I won't be able to stay near to him tonight because I have colds and I don't want him to get that virus from me T_T

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