Thursday, October 15, 2009

TT: Greatest Love

As I watched this, I can't really help it but cry... Such a great video of a father's amazing love to his physically challenged son! Despite his heart condition he didn't refused to the request of his son to join in a triathlon... Wow! indeed this video is very heartwarming, uplifting and so inspiring...
Just like this father whose willing to sacrifice everything for his dear son, our Almighty Father also did the same! More than we could imagine! No matter how unfaithful we could be, his faithfulness and love for us remains forever.. It's unconditional... it knows no end... it's simply amazing!How thankful i am to have such a loving Father whose heart never ceased to love me despite my shortcomings!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


To my dear followers and friends (who until now are still undecided if they will follow my blog or not lol:D) I have my Then Sings my Soul Saturday meme which can be found on my other blog: Museikcaj... I'm pretty sure you will be greatly inspired by the videos i carefully chosen (all of them are my favorites!)... Check it out!


I'm very happy to have Lori's blog on my list... She's our host for this month's WFW! More Wordfilled Wednesdays to go!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blog Hop: Anything That Feels Absolutely Good!

I do love arts... drawing particularly and painting too!(not the kind that you were thinking right now :)I love to write to any suitable surfaces using my fabric paint! (click the pic for a closer look!)not just on fabric but even to non-fabric like glass and mugs! I really felt good doing such kind of thing! I do some sketches too but needs more improvement lol! anything that feels and looks good for me, as long as I can-I will really do it!
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ILF: Wacky Pose?

Wow! A first entry for this sponsored blog meme... This week's theme is about excitement and I just hope this will qualify to the category! :)
This picture was taken during my sister's wedding! We're just so excited to take a supposedly wacky pose in front of the camera before the ceremony will start! Girls just wanna have fun!


I pick this movie (a remake)for this week's theme because this movie is really scary! I watched this more than once at home (we have an original DVD copy)... I could say that this is not suitable for children because of the effects and the story is quite brutal! But the plot of the story can explain why.. here's the synopsis:
on the way through some dark and scary woods, something completely unexpected happens to a group of attractive college kids… their car breaks down. When they go to a nearby town for help, they are greeted with horror at the local tourist attraction, the House of Wax where some sadistic bastards have been killing people and encasing their bodies in wax...

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