Friday, July 23, 2010

More than words, but I've got something to say today....

I was having a hard and tiring day today. When I came to the office this morning, the floor was covered with mud and water flood. What I did was to go to my apartment and change my clothes and bring some for my colleagues...
This is not uncommon to us.. We are used to this.. Thank God all the files are safe (unlike last November).

Oops we're not done yet by the time I posted this.... ^_^ Time to clean up!

So funny because we still managed to pose before the camera... Fun fun fun....

GGF #3: Joshua Rule!

Joshua got it... Got his sister's attention! This Go Green Friday I am featuring Baby Josh with his attire... I made that squash and the papaya thing ^_^...
Her Mom was so proud to announce that Josh will be representing the whole district... Hmmm.. with his cuteness and wit, he deserves it. ♥

Head on to Julie for more of Go Green Friday

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

For the Love of the Country...

I love World History subject. Back in my High School Days, I love it when our teacher unfolds before us the significant event that concerned the whole wide world. Specifically, I am very interested to listen about the World War stories. I heard a lot of them from my late grand father. He is a Veteran, the unsung hero during his time.

Looking back, every country has its line of defense that will safeguard the citizens against terrorism. I should have known that being a citizen from one of the feared regions of the Philippines. Once in a while if not oftentimes, I heard news about war and terrorism not only on my country but other countries as well. The front liners are our soldiers who are willing to die in the name of love and freedom to the country to which they belong. World Wars 1 and 2 that became highlight in World History subjects acknowledged the bravery of American soldiers who fought not only for their own country but for their allies as well. Who can forget the Vietnam War which cost thousands of lives both armed forces and ordinary citizens. But again that’s all written in the World History book.

And now, facing the present and anticipating the future, there are still a lot of stories to unfold which will be incorporated in the updated World History Book soon. Isn’t it more worth reading if what our grand children read on their history book are the generosity of every citizen who paid greater respect in honor of those who wage their lives for the country?- the Veterans.

Generosity in broader aspect means, giving what we have to those who needed it the most. One concrete example is car donation. Too extravagant to do, others might think, but upon knowing that through this way we can help the community and our country as a whole, then one wouldn’t have any second thought to do so. Why donate car to charity? Talking about war, I got this idea from the advocacy of the Vietnam Veterans of America initiated by the Illinois State Council. The idea they have implemented is simple, fast and secure through car donation charities. They initiated this to help in providing critical support services for their defenders.

What a great cause. Hopefully, our Armed Forces here in the Philippines would come up with similar brilliant ideas.

WFW: Acts 1:8

Expanding our territory... spreading the Gospel... Making Christ known...

What's so difficult with this that it seems like only a few made this as a commitment and part of their daily journey?

What happened to us that we cannot do such simple thing?

What happened to those who have done it yet out of obligation and not of passion?

What happened to me that I easily get discouraged when every time I will do it, I am rejected?

Think think think... What happened to our first love?

Have we forgotten it?

Have we lost that compassion for those who are lost not only within our territory but beyond?

I plead guilty to all of these...

Think think think...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Wanna have Lady Gaga's look?

An Ophthalmologist from Stahl Eye Center New York warned the teens who tried to imitate Lady Gaga's look on his Bad Romance music video. The kind of  online contact lenses that she used may cause permanent loss of vision if not fitted properly as this may cause eye infection. All Lady Gaga's fan should heed this warning if they want to see their future brighter and clearer.

MYM: @ Marco Hotel

Mom took this pic @ Marco Hotel wherein she's one of the Principal sponsors of the wedding of a common friend.


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