Friday, July 30, 2010

Fix It Friday #64: First Entry

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What a day!

I am having another bad hair day today... Why? Because of busyness I wasn't even get to do a little makeover of myself... I looked so stressed and ewww! I hate it! Good thing my two-sided mirror get broken a couple of weeks ago so I won't be reminded how horrible I look! I never thought that stress can add to my weight... I have read about that on Yahoo news... I wonder why I kept on gaining weight when I felt like I am too busy. Well, stress was trapped on my belly! my tummy! that I felt like I am getting bigger and bigger each day! Ouch... what a frustration huh? 

Need to do something about this...

GGF #4:

MUST Drainage Plan

Wondering what this picture is all about? Read the caption... Our school might not be spared from the flood brought by heavy downpour but at least it will be minimized upon the completion of the Drainage system in our school... 

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

TT: The Beauty of Silence

Silence.It's deafening. It communicates. It gives a message. This Thankful Thursday, I am struck by the beauty of silence. Yes, it has a beauty that only  few were able to recognize. 

This morning, I am too preoccupied of the things that needs to be done. I am so busy doing multifarious tasks. My mind keeps on working, extracting the right words to put on my paper. The clock runs so fast that I felt like I am always racing against time. Deadlines are imminent... Demands are too many. Schedules are too loaded. My mind wants to explode, to shout and to beg for air to breathe. Then I realized, I do not need to do that. I realized the value of SILENCE. Why should I worry much? why should I forced myself to finish the things that is beyond my grasps? Why do I work like there's no more tomorrow. It seems like God reminded me on His still small voice to remain calm and just be silent. I need time to listen to that voice... and the only way to hear that is to be silent. Yes, a moment of silence.

Thank you God for the reminders. :)
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Post- birthday gift

For my dear mentor... Ate Grace. I tried to edit your badge that will redirect to your home and not to a particular post... Hmmwah!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

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