Monday, May 16, 2011

The Movie I Highly Recommend

Every Child Is Special is such a very wonderful movie by Aamir Khan. The plot of the story is very good, you will really get carried away with it. I especially like Aamir Khan. So far, I love all his movies, the latest of which is the Three Idiot, another touching story.

This movie is good for the parents especially those who have exceptional children. Get to watch this movie so you will know what I mean. The characters portrayed their role well. I admired the acting prowess of the child actor, Inu. You will surely love this movie.

Grab a copy now!

Hello There

I was using ScribeFire right now and I can really tell that it is very helpful especially for those bloggers with multiple account!
Though there are still some issues that I need to settle since ScribeFire requires lot of things but hopefully I can get through it later...
Wanna try? Search it at Google
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Monday, May 9, 2011

Post-Nuptial Syndrome?

Here I go again suffering from a severe dry cough. I just do not know anymore how to get rid of this. I cannot concentrate with my work and all I wanna do is get some rest since I hardly get a good night sleep last night.

Too bad :(

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hell is Real Indeed!

Prepare to meet your God!

Yes indeed. After reading the testimony of the Ecuadorian young lady, I felt the need to repost it for everyone to know. I already posted the link on my facebook account and now I will share it again here....

Please read and take a heart to believe. Let your faith and God's conviction work out on you...

How prepared are you to meet Our God?

Click here for the Testimony of Angelica Zambrano.

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Luke 23: 34 May God Forgive Us

As I was contemplating on this verse I was reminded of what Jesus did on the cross in order to save us from eternal condemnation.
The people who yelled that he should be nailed on the cross were the same people whom Jesus Christ died for. Yet amidst all the mockery and pain that Jesus have experienced more than two thousand years ago while he was being crucified, He still asked God the Father  these Words:
"Father forgive them for they don't know what they do"

In the present world, there are still many of us who were like the Jews. We might have never crucified Jesus Christ again literally but we failed to acknowledge all the things that HE has done for us. We are blinded with all the things that this world could offer from good career, treasures, degree and sophisticated lifestyle. With little faith, we considered all those things that God has done for us as just a glimpse of History that were being recollected over and over again every Good Friday.  

This should not be the case...

If we continue to be lukewarm with our personal relationship with God, can we still be assured that Jesus Christ will speak the same Words to God the Father when He said:  
"Father forgive them for they don't know what they do"

Or we might just be leading ourselves to ETERNAL CONDEMNATION.

May God forgive us. Amen

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I Am Back

After a long vacation from blogging, I am finally back!
I am quite sad because my Alexa Rank went down... I know I still have lots of recuperating tasks to do.
However, I am back with new perspective in life. i am so happy now having a new status (lol). I got married for 6 days now and still counting throughout a lifetime.
I presumed and assumed that some of you dear readers missed me so much :)
Well, I am back and I need to double time!

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