Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hell is Real Indeed!

Prepare to meet your God!

Yes indeed. After reading the testimony of the Ecuadorian young lady, I felt the need to repost it for everyone to know. I already posted the link on my facebook account and now I will share it again here....

Please read and take a heart to believe. Let your faith and God's conviction work out on you...

How prepared are you to meet Our God?

Click here for the Testimony of Angelica Zambrano.

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clavs said...

Yah it is! Congratulations diay Ms. Jackie! sorry delayed akong greetings? hehe. missed you here! drop diay ko ec nimo!
'te clavs

Anonymous said...

I’ve tagged you in my versatile award with a link to yor site. Check out the versatile award

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