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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Girl's Talk: Favorite Summer Activities

I am back! And I am ready to join once again with this week's theme for the Girl's Talk hosted by BeautyQueen Gene.

Well as for this summer, I am kinda busy during the first month of the second quarter (busy with the Wedding Preparation :) It was done already. But one of the best things that I did for this summer was having an adventure with my Huggy (now my Hubby) at one of the secluded places of Cagayan de Oro which happened to be the best spot for our Pre-nuptial Pictorials. Eversince, I really love nature trekking. I love mountain climbing, Camping and any activities that has something to do with nature. As for now, I am back to work,m to the reality lol! But I am hoping someday that me and my Huggy will be able to spend time once again doing nature trekking. Would you like to come with us? :)