Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Helping the Helpless

Helping the helpless. It takes enough compassion and sensitivity to do so. If we will only look around us, we can see many of them. And maybe, we are one of them. Being helpless does not only apply to those who are less fortunate... it could be you or me. We might be helpless in some areas of our lives. Let's try to assess ourselves: How strong are we in coping up with all the challenges that we encounter along the way? How strong are we in fighting our greatest enemy?-our egotistic personalities that tries to pull others down in order for us to surface.
Let's get real. We need help, and ultimately, we need prayers.
How about now?

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day

Today, the people of the United States of America celebrates their Independence Day. I remember back in my Elementary years that July 4 was once declared as Philippines' Independence Day but reverted back to June 12 for some reasons. Well, it's not about the date, it's all about the thoughts and how people really understood it.

Talking about Independence, many people are still craving for it. They are craving for that what we call total independence, freedom from any slavery. Slavery takes many form. It not only literally refers to those low paying maidservants who were being enslaved by their masters. It could mean to any individual who were being slaved with their own shortcomings. Slavery to vices, bad attitude, bad reputations, jealousy and too many to mention them all. I, myself is a slave of negative thoughts, of being so pessimistic. I long for total freedom from it but somehow I need more time, more courage and more faith to overcome it. I know it's not only me who went through this ordeal. You too. Maybe you could relate with me. Whatever it is, let's fight our way to total freedom. WE CAN DO IT! With God's help, everything is possible.

Happy Independence Day!

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