Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Plants vs Zombies Mobile Game

It ain't really a guide, it's a game!

I remember how addicted I was with this game two years ago. I just stopped playing when I got pregnant with my first born. I stop playing not because I find it boring already but I stop because people surrounding me during that time told me so. They believed that playing or liking anything that has odd looks during pregnancy period will make the baby look like such LOL! I was not really afraid because I do not believe it, I stop because they kept on nagging me. Now that I am already a Mom of two, no one can stop me from playing this legendary game. I have it installed on my phone (thanks Google Play!)- kind of boredom reliever when I am in the congested traffic or idle moments LOL!

Get the Buzz with LinkVehicle

Every investments should have its corresponding profit. No man on his right sense of mind will invest his money for nothing unless he meant it for charity purposes. As a blogger, it is my primary aim to earn, yes that's true. I did not invest for monthly internet fee just for facebook, yahoo etc. it is my primary concern to find online racket LOL! I signed up to every opportunity that is available though it cannot be denied that I got more turn downs than approval from most paying companies for article writing/product review. However, I never lost hope. In fact,I got help from a co-blogger of mine who understood my needs (Thanks Ms Raye ^_^). She gave me one month to update my blogs and re-submit to those company who declined my blogs. Hopefully it will really work. While waiting for their approval, I am also thankful that LinkVehicle once again gave me the opportunities that I need. 
I've been a publisher for LinkVehicle for more than a year now and there's really a real earning with them. They offer more than just an earning, you'll get to have a quality article with them that could drive traffic to your blog. I want to share this opportunity by inviting you all to be a part of this success by joining LinkVehicle. You can do it right here, right now by clicking the badge below.

Finding the Right Network Solutions

More and more business owners are figuring out something important about doing work on the Internet. They're beginning to realize that a website is only helpful if it's able to bring in revenue. For people selling products or even those offering services, it pays to have a site that can provide information. It also helps if that site can is functional enough to let people buy things, check their status on orders, and keep up with the business's happenings. Network Solutions offers e commerce web design services that are top shelf, and many business owners are finding this to be a solid investment.

Design matters in a competitive industry

Just as business owners should spend some money and time on the upkeep of their physical space, they have to do the same with their online face. Your website is how you'll be introduced to the world, and if the design is ratty, then many customers will assume that you're not a serious or legitimate option. More business owners have seen this, and they've made the smart decision to invest front-end resources in a good design.

E-commerce elements add to your options

There's no excuse for allowing a website to sit there without working for you. With the right e-commerce capability, a good website can rake in its own revenue and open the doors to markets that a physical store could never touch. Business owners selling a hot product can meet the needs of customers in many states and countries when they've got a sharp site. More have picked up on this trend, and it's helped those savvy owners claim market share.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Unlucky to Get Lucky

I was really wondering what's wrong with my blog that it didn't get approval from and Payu2Blog as well as ReviewMe and a whole lot more (I chose not to remember them all to minimize my frustration). I am thankful that finally I got internet connection but the irony there was that I no longer receive paid opportunities. My oh my! wazz up wazz up?! Life really sucks sometimes. The moment I badly need an additional racket, the more elusive they become. My odesk contract was another failure in the making. Grrr... should I quit or persevere? My investment (internet connection) doesn't pays off. If September comes and same thing happened, I'd rather quit.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Who Really Killed Ninoy Aquino?

August 21, 1983

After 30 years, many Filipinos are still puzzled as to who was the mastermind behind the assassination of Senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr. There are lots of speculations, different opinions but one thing is certain... the case was not really solve yet, or I believed so. I don't think Marcos got to do with it, do you? I've got here a YouTube video of an interview of Ninoy on the plane with Jim Laurie, an international journalist, who was with Ninoy (obviously) on that fateful day of August. Listen carefully how Ninoy seems to know what would gonna happen to him by the time the plane will land at the airport...

Did you notice that men in uniform who accompanied him on the way down? Aren't they look so suspicious? If you have enough time, try to read the comments of this video from different people who have different perceptions about the incident.
I have a conclusion in my mind after watching the video but I rather keep it to myself. Still, I don't really believe much that it was the late President Ferdinand Marcos who got him assassinated. I think it was... hmm never mind.

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Remembering Noah and the Great Flood

Hearing the news and all, I felt so sad for all those flood victims in Metro Manila. It brought my memories back to December 2011 when Cagayan de Oro was flooded because of Typhoon Sendong. I can still remember the fear and the anxieties. I was still pregnant with my first baby during that time. I was really crying and so very afraid because the water was already knee-deep high. The flood aftermath was even worse. There's scarcity of food, water and other basic needs like clothing and shelter. There were so many victims left homeless and worst, some have even lost their love ones. There were so many casualties that there's no more space left to bury them all. There were shortage of casket and those dead bodies who were not identified yet was buried in mas grave. Kagay-anons during that time are however became united in helping each other. Good thing there were relief goods coming from other places from both government and private sector. But again, no material goods and even cash can ease the pain of those who survived yet lost some members of their families.

Picking up the pieces and starting all over again was not that easy. Some victims during that time has still have that trauma that whenever it rains harder, worries came in.  I was one of them. We keep on moving from one place to another because we were once a victim and upon hearing the news about an upcoming typhoon, all those worst scenario flashes back. To date, there are still some who are missing. I am just hoping and praying that they were able to survive the flood. 

It is really difficult to defy the wrath of nature. And who's to blame? Some says flood is a man-made calamity. Maybe yes. Because of our greediness, we tend to do anything even if it means destroying our nature. We compromise our natural habitat in favor of infrastructure development. Yes, it is true that people are becoming aware of our environmental situation that a Plant-a-Tree campaign was widely disseminated and practiced even in school. Students were tasked to plant a tree for their Community Service Project. But it will take long before it grows. Oh well, at least, a tree has been planted. I am just hoping that the local government here in Cagayan de Oro will come up with a city development plan wherein it will not compromise our environment. It would be a waste of time for those who will invest in big structures when it has been known that the city was once overtaken by what we call flash floods.

Let us not wait for another great flood to happen, we should do something before Noah will poke us and say,"I told you so..." 

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