Sunday, February 14, 2021

It's Valentine and You're Still Single?

If you happen to relate with those people who get bullied for being single then this message is for you. DON'T TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. Some were just trying to make fun out of your situation but you don't need to get affected by them. Never rush into something that you are not sure about simply because you get pressured by your peers.

I have more than one colleague who is still single in their 30's. We do sometimes teased them just for fun but we never encouraged them to do suicidal moves just to please everyone- it's their life and it's their choice. Though I have this one friend who is in a relationship for quite some time already and I do encourage them to settle down considering their age and their future family if they thought of having kids.

But seriously, marriage is a decision that needs thorough consideration by both parties. Unlike before, marriage is not about urges anymore. Most young couples now reconsider their capacity and capabilities of building a family of their own. Some were even building houses before building homes. But in my own opinion, I do not go for living together prior to marriage. As much as possible, that situation should not be tolerated. Practical as it may seem, but never make it a norm. Yes, we are already in the modern era, in post millennial time, but would that mean we are going to erase chastity and dignity in the book of vocabulary?

That doesn't make sense.

Sunday, January 31, 2021

When Work and Studies Collide

    No matter how good or reliable you are in your work but you ignore taking any steps for your professional growth, you will remain always at the bottom. Chances are, you will be working like a horse and your take-home pay cannot even compensate for all the stress that your work has caused you. This is the reality in my beloved Philippines. No wonder many professionals opted to work abroad where all their hard work and efforts are fairly compensated.

    As for me, I have no other choice but to embrace the system. At work, I always felt so exhausted with all those works piling on my table considering the multitasking that I have to do. I cannot leave my work and go abroad because I don't want to leave my family here. Thus, I am left with no choice other than to pursue my Master's Degree. Yes, I have already earned 30 units but I need to earn more in order to hit their goal and eventually apply for Teacher 3 (Currently I am still Teacher 1), Yes, you heard it right, earning a Master's Degree is not even a guarantee that you will be promoted right away because you need to apply for it- which means, you need to compile all the necessary documents to earn it.

    As of now, I have enrolled in 6 units and I really find it so difficult to work and study at the same time. But I am always praying for God's wisdom and strength that I could make it through! Good thing I have my sister who helped me with the expenses for my studies.

Friday, January 1, 2021

New Year, New Hope

New Year, new hope.

The pandemic is still on but let us remain resilient with the situation. We cannot control the pandemic but we can manage to remain calm amidst anxieties. Together, let us all pray for a safer, better 2021.

What awaits us this year? It depends on our daily undertakings, our daily decisions, and our daily choices. If 2020 brought us into tears, then maybe we can do something to change our 2021. What occurs in 2020 that brings us down must mold us to stand up and look forward. As long as we live, we are up for better chances-just keep the faith. If we survived 2020, there must be a reason and that reason should be good enough for us to go on- to persevere and to face life amidst adversity with hope and greater faith in God.

Happy New Year everyone!

Saturday, October 31, 2020

How To Take Care of Your Skin

Skin that is not healthy and cared for tends to age more quickly. However, taking care of your skin is not just a matter of vanity. Your skin provides a protective function in preventing disease. Therefore, when your skin is not healthy, it puts the rest of your body at risk as well. Here are some tips for keeping your skin healthy and beautiful.

1. Use the Right Products

Your skin produces oils to protect it and keep it soft and moist. When you use harsh soaps, it can strip away these oils and leave your skin vulnerable. Instead, use mild cleansers and moisturizers to protect the natural oils and keep your skin hydrated. You can buy these products packaged in their own sachets Hoboken NJ.

2. Know Your Skin Type

The products that you need depend on the type of skin you have. Some people have excessively oily skin, while other people have skin that tends to dry out. Some people have combination skin that is oily in some areas and dry in others. Knowing the type of skin you have can help you choose products specifically formulated for that type.

3. Guard Against the Sun

The sun, or more specifically, the ultraviolet radiation it produces, is one of your skin's worst enemies. If you've seen how inanimate objects fade, crack, and peel in the sun, you can imagine what it is doing to your skin. You can protect yourself by staying in the shade as much as possible, wearing clothing and accessories that cover your skin, and wearing sunscreen whenever you go outdoors.

4. Don't Smoke

While ultraviolet radiation is harmful to your skin, sunlight itself can be beneficial in other ways, such as helping your body produce beneficial vitamin D. Since tobacco smoke offers no health benefits and can damage your skin in several ways, it may actually be your skin's arch-nemesis. Smoking can contribute to wrinkles in various ways. It also damages the blood vessels in your skin and puts you at risk for skin cancer.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Thanking God for the Nth Life

I just wanna thank God for sparing us from the mad fire last Wednesday, October 28, 2020. I felt sad for all my neighbors who lost their homes. Indeed, life is more precious than any materials in the Earth. I'm just glad no lives were taken.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

5 Tips to Refresh Your Home Decorating

Sometimes a house, no matter how much it is loved, needs a refresh in the decorating department. New home decorations can be luxurious and expensive, but they can also be simple and affordable. Here are five ideas to refresh your home this year.

Simple and Affordable: Plant Life

Seasonal plants and fresh flowers Granville NY give homes of all shapes and sizes a new brightness. Plants and flowers look wonderful in any room of the house that need color.

Luxurious and Expensive: Paint

A great way to update the entirety of your home in one swoop is to freshen its paint job. Choose something in a warm, neutral shade to ensure its value and update its overall look at the same time.

Simple and Affordable: Vintage Decorations

Although some vintage pieces can be very expensive (think armoires, chandeliers, and art), there are usually fun and interesting vintage and consignment shops in hometowns for you to explore that offer a wide variety of items and price points. Visit these shops for new and vintage d├ęcor to feature in your home.

Luxurious and Expensive: Redo the Backyard

Consider redoing your backyard to encourage more time outdoors as a family. You can put in an outdoor kitchen complete with a brick pizza oven, install shade covering to protect everyone from the sun, or even put in a pool for those warm months of summer. The options (and budgets) are nearly limitless.

Simple and Affordable: Create a Collage

Thanks to smart phones and their rather amazing cameras, we are taking more and more photographs of our every day lives. Create a collage of photographs to hang on one or many of your walls. You will enjoy seeing the memories, and you can even change out the pictures depending on the time of year.

Updating your home's look can be affordable, or you can save up for big renovations and changes. The possibilities are endless.


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