Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Down Again...

I'm stuck on my bed again early cold Wednesday morning...
I need to take a long rest...
My mind says i need to work but my body declined...
Then I realized, why should i let myself suffer when i have the option to say no and follow what my body tells me so?
That's it.. I'm absent again.. i know it's not easy to just get off from work because there's a lot of things that need to be done but I'm too weak to go to work :( So by the time I woke up, with my head still aching, I texted my boss excusing myself from work thank God he do understand.
I also called up one of my student telling him to inform his other classmates that we don't have a class... I just can imagine how happy the students would be upon knowing that they don't have a class... well happy as they might be but i do love my students because I can feel that they really care about me... i love these batches I have right now... I can really see their interest on my subject as well.:)
whew.. need to have 2 make up classes for my Wednesday class :(

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