Thursday, March 22, 2012

#81/366: Kape ug Monay


I am glad it's Thursday! Tomorrow, it's gonna be my baby's second month! (Glory to God!) This morning isn't so busy so I have all the time to blog, to sip coffee and eat bread... After consuming everything, I've got this urge again (urge?) to sketch, so I grab a pencil and a scratch paper and have my output scanned by my ever supportive colleague :)

I love to sketch, but I don't apply colors coz I am not good in doing it. I am a certified frustrated artist LOL. If I have nothing to do, I really love doodling of any object that will pop into my mind. When I was still in elementary, I had a classmate who loves to draw, so out of interest, I tried to do the same thing. It was only then that I realized that I have this passion within me. I really love to draw. But I cannot be a good cartoonist nor a cartographer because I cannot draw based on description, my imagination is not that vivid. I cannot really copy an object. I am not good in still painting, everything is imaginary.  I also tried charcoal painting before and with the help of graphing method, I was able to sketch the portrait of a friend exactly the way she looks. However when I applied shading everything was ruined. All I can do is purely sketching. PERIOD. No shading and color application- I failed on that area. But somehow this talent help my nephew and nieces in the completion of their art projects.  It also made me won on some Poster Making Contest (just a placer though :). But there's one art/drawing project that I hated the most- that is drawing an animal figure LOL.

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Jessica said...

beautiful sketch Momi Jackie :-) You have a skill and hope you pursue it one day :-) Happy 2nd month to baby Jeush, h e grow up so fast, didn't he? Visiting from #81 0f BPC, hope that you can return the visit too.

Lulu Post said...

your works are really impressive.

bpc hop:

Dhemz said...

so cute! kalami sa! great job sis, you are very talented!

thanks for joining BPC!

Emzkie said...

buti ka pa may talent na ganyan. ako talaga walang ka talent talent sa mga art. ginagamit ko lang ang art as an excuse to miss a class when im still in HS. =D

from BPC

""rarejonRez"" said...

You are super talented jud Mommy Jack! I hope you continue your passion towards sketching...

I miss the monay from Bestbake. Ka-lami ato oi!

BPC hop!

Unknown said...

kape ug pandesal pod akoa..hehe so envy..kay kabalo ka mag sketch...wazzz ako talent nyan. hehe. Visiting from #81 BPC. See yah!

Deli said...

I miss pan de sal :) Cool sketch :) Thanks for the visit.

mommy Orkid Belle said...

Agoy gimingaw na jud ko ug monay da and some bread from the Philippines. Agoy kalami naman lang jud. I am dreaming of some sikwate and pandesal.. hahahaha.... :) Visiting late! You always do a good job on sketching. :)

PL said...

good for you Jack, wala jud ko anang talent oi... i enrolled in an Engineering course only to find out na dili diay ko puede og math, the only thing I loved sa akong course sa una was drawing! hahahaha! which honed my writing skills. bpc 81 hop!

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