Thursday, March 29, 2012

Congratulations Batch 2012!

I can still remember how I felt during the day I received my diploma (Pioneering batch) in Bachelor in Technician Teacher Education major in Architectural Drafting (and currently working as a staff in Procurement Office). Indeed, that was a mixed emotion. I was happy that time that finally I am free from all those sleepless nights in studying our lessons for the final exams and beating the deadlines for all those mind boggling,tear jerking projects. I am also sad that I have to find a job and should stop depending much to my mother anymore (financially). That was year 2002.

Ten years after, here I am working as an office staff at the Procurement Office of my dear alma mater and at the same time working as part-time instructor in ICT subject. I miss my life as  a student that is why I took some Master's subject but unable to finish it because my schedule won't allow it :) I only earned 18 units for my MTTE course and I doubt it if I could pursue this course further.

Anyway, I would like to extend my congratulations to all the graduates of 2012! Two of them are my church mates, Hannah Grace Rosal, BS in Nursing and Paul Joseph Estrera, MIT.

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kimmyschemy said...

it seems like yesterday, right? i graduated from college in the late 90s. my eldest child graduated from high school last year and my middle child graduated from grade school last Thursday. life is great!

a visit from kim!

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