Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another Prayer Request

Since the time I was able to earn from my blog, I really want to get serious about it. However, with my current situation right now, I find it difficult to maintain a minimum of twenty post on my blog every month because I do not have a computer at home. My sister used to tell me to spend my day off from work at my mother's place since she has an unlimited access to the net but I cannot make it because I still have lots of house chores to do at home plus my husband will start working by tomorrow and who would take care of his needs every morning? My sister supposed to give me a tablet but the plan was diverted for some reasons. There was a bargain actually between us and it's okay. How I really wish I could invest on laptop considering that it is a necessity for me and not just pure wants. I am thinking of getting one from an auction sales from pawnshop but I am not sure of its durability and I do still prefer for a brand new one :(

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