Wednesday, July 25, 2012

In The Middle of Nowhere

I was so glad that again my article for The Academic Tribune (TAT) is now due for publication (to be out next month). This was my second attempt and I am so happy that it won their approval again. I haven't got hold yet of my complimentary copy of the previous issue, I just saw it online. 

My next article was drafted by the time I got the text from their staff that the Board approved my first article (it was almost late at night). Then it so happened that few days from that, I had an encounter with someone of a higher rank from my workplace. It doesn't happened just once but many many times already (not with the same person of course). It's all about professionalism and the main issue was on how should "real" professionals behave among their fellow workers especially those who are at the bottom rank. It was just so devastating to think that it only took me less than an hour to complete the drafted article. It was really my prayer that such article will be approved and read by those kind of people.

It's so amusing to think that if you are in a certain situation which you can really relate, writing about it becomes easier. Why? Because you felt what you wrote. Your heart was into it. The ideas just overflow in your mind and before you notice it, you're already done.

So, that's it. I will keep you posted once it was already out for public reading. 

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