Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gun Ban: A MUST

With the upcoming local elections, a news about gun ban was already brought up receiving mixed reaction from citizens especially those who are very much concerned of their "personal safety and security. As what I have heard from the news, some individuals were asking for consideration that they be allowed to carry a gun for safety purposes. Well, who doesn't long for safety and total security? But for me, gun ban should be strictly imposed. Only those in authority assigned in protecting the welfare of the community just like police officers, security guards, military men and the like should be allowed to carry a gun and each one of them should be held responsible for its proper usage. I know for a fact that there are private citizens who owned a gun and was able to acquire authority and proper licenses. However, for those individuals like them, they should be responsible enough in securing their guns away from the reach or knowledge of young children and even teenagers and adult alike surrounding them. 

I remember one incident that ends the life of the son of one of my students. Two children were playing, one found the gun of his father under their bed, loaded with bullets and shoot his cousin (my student's son) accidentally on the head because he was at the rooftop and the child with the gun was in the room where he found the gun and doesn't seem to know the aftermath of what he has done. They were just supposedly "playing" however, the victim never reached the hospital alive. His cousin was shocked and I know it was very much difficult for both families. Incident like this can be avoided if only those gun owner are responsible enough in handling their gun. Putting the gun visible to the child or any teenager will not only stir up curiosity but may also lead to fatal end.

This is exactly what happened to the recent massive killing in Connecticut caused by a 20-year old boy, Adam Lanza whose victims ranges from age 4- 56 years old, mostly are children. The gun he used was registered to his Mom, whom he also killed before the massive killing and ending his very own life.

Gun ban. It should be imposed not only during election period. Or better yet, there should be a wide dissemination of info in proper handling of this deadly weapon.

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