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Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Quiz

Acting Balanced

Welcome to Monday Quiz About Me - hosted by Acting Balanced and Touristic

Here are FOUR QUESTIONS that everyone can answer and then you have the option to add a fifth question of your own for those who are visiting your blog to answer in the comment section, along with commenting on the four standard questions you answered! Grab the badge for your post if you like: 

Here are the Questions:

1. Do you tend to be more logically or emotionally driven in your decision-making?
2. Do you take vitamin or other supplements?  Do you feel that they actually work? 

3. Have you ever kissed someone and just knew they were not the right person or vise versa?

4. Why shouldn't the woman pay for a Valentine's Day date?

Here are my answers to the questions:

  1. Honestly, am not really good in making decisions. I tend to be more emotionally driven and sometimes I ended up regretting it especially if the outcome isn't what I was really expecting to happen.
  2. Because I am pregnant, I take my daily vitamins (MOSVIT gold) . It is what my Obstetrician-Gynecologist prescribed.
  3. Definitely yes! and I considered those as bloopers in my love life LOL!
  4. A man's pride, I guess. However, situations like that doesn't apply to everyone right now because there are women who are willing to pay whatever it takes for the man whom they really want especially if they earned bigger than the guy. Situation like that can also be discussed between the couple, they can actually agree to divide the cost incurred during their date.

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My 5th question this week is ... 

What's your plan this Valentine's Day?

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  1. my plan for this coming valentines day is wait for the plan of my boyfriend :) hahaha :D hmp , i think we will have a dinner date or watch a cinema after our class :) hope so ..

  2. My plan for this coming Valentine's day is to have a date with my family a dinner date perhaps, and spend time with them and make them feel that they are important to me.I think that's more special to have a date with your family instead of having a date with a bf/gf.

  3. My plan for this valentines day is maybe I'll be watching a movie with my best buddy "THE Warm Bodies". We really love to watch that movie instead it is a love story. I want to celebrate it but my family is far from me.

  4. My valentines day plan is simple, i just want to spend the day with my loved ones material things will past but the memories that has been established that day will be forever :)

  5. I celebrate my valentines day with my family simply because I don't have a girlfriend so that I spend my valentines day with my beloved family.

  6. actually, from the beginning of the month , i always think and make some plan for this valentines day , and its final. i will bring my gf on romantic place, just like a bay. and have dance with her , and the ending i will give her a gift with matching kiss. and we will eat for dinner in the famous food chain , like jollibee and mcdo. that's all my plan , i thank you :)

  7. I don't have any plans this Valentines Day, just go to school and go home after class. HAHA! But seriously, I'll ask my mom to have dinner, since my dad isn't here, so that she'll not be lonely this Valentines day :)

  8. I'll just be with my special someone for that whole day and give her a special gift, I think that would be great..

  9. My plan this coming valentines day greeting someone special though Facebook,email,twitter and also cellphone .

  10. I'll just be with my special someone for that whole day and give her a special gift, I think that would be great..

  11. my plan in valentines ahm bonding to my friends and family and eat more hahaha

  12. Unfortunately we have no plans for valentine's day except to continue on our journey to the cruise ship.

  13. .my mama said that this coming Valentines Day, Were going to have our dinner in the restaurant with her and papa and also my sisters.. So, im planning to give some flowers to my mama and papa, with hugs and kisses.. To my sisters well, maybe i should kiss and hug them also..
    ----------Ariate, Ar-jane A.

  14. Great set of answers. My plan for Valentines Day is to ignore it. Thanks for joining in on the MQAM!

  15. Our Valentine's Day will be low-key. My husband has already sent roses for my desk this week, and we will no doubt have a nice dinner out, but maybe the day before or after to avoid the crowd. I have a a few gifts and some chocolate for him too, and of course a nice soak in the hot tub before bed. That's always romantic!

  16. We've been together nearly 10 years with two kids and one on the way. Valentine's Day went out the window a long time ago. Now we just get the kids a cute little something and call it a day! :O)

  17. I am teaching at our quilt guild meeting this Thursday. There are so many widows that I am glad to give them a chance to not think about their loss as much. At least, I hope it helps.

  18. hmmp for me,i dont have plan 4 the valentines day 2morow..coz im busy in work...

  19. my plan is to give chocolate to my parents.....

  20. first i celebrate valentines day with my family; second, spending time with my friends after the family bonding celebration .

  21. my plan the valentine;s day is to sleep alone @home

  22. me and my boyfriend celebrated our valentines day, after that i spend my time with family and friends .

  23. Just to spend my time with my family would be the best thing I can do and make them feel that they are all important to me :)

  24. my this valentines day is to give flowers to my beloved aunt ding

  25. <3's day plan

    -attending a yfc's in2love event with friends at sm .
    -give flowers to my parents.
    -more happiness .
    -and more.

    in reality (on that day on feb.14)
    -no money
    -back pain (ky nhulog sa bed )lol
    -4-6 pm ang class
    -no date,no flowers at all .
    -early at home :))

    better luck next year :x

  26. my plan for Valentines :

    _ have a bond w/ my single barkada .
    _ have dinner w/ my family .

    Valentines Day is not for LOvers =)


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