Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Windows of Opportunity

I am a little bit confused right now... I mean, I am REALLY confused right now. There are opportunities that I don't wanna miss but somehow I have this second thought. You see, I am conceiving for four months right now and in due time, we will have our second baby. So far, I have entrusted my MIL to take care of my Baby Jeush because it's just too difficult for me to trust someone else not belonging to my family. And now that we are expecting for our second baby, we need to move to my MIL's house for her convenience considering her age. However, there are many things yet that we need to consider. We need some major renovations. We need to have our own line of electricity and water. And all these incurs real expenses. However, I don't wanna take the risk considering that I need to save for the birth of my second baby. I am scheduled for C-section and I don't want to get stress financially when that day comes. 

I've got this friend of mine who offered one of her subdivision units for free, we'll just have to pay for the water and electric bills. According to her, we can stay there for at least five years (good enough for us to save for the renovation of my MIL's house). But the location is quite far from the city (but transportation is not a problem). She offered it to me long before I got pregnant with my second baby. The house of my MIL is within the city proper while my friend's house is quite far from me and my Hubby's workplace. But we got a motorcycle anyway and transportation vehicles are not really a problem at all. Maybe we just have to consider the gasoline and the fare but all in all, the place is more comfortable and conducive for living. Currently, my MIL is living with my hubby's sister (an old maid). She's into tailoring as her main source of living. I can feel that she will be hesitant to move with us at my friend's house considering that she was able to establish regular customers on her place. On the other hand, this friend of mine (the owner of the house) plans to partner with me on my online jobs by providing me with the gadgets that I need ( which I considered as such a real blessings) and I don't want to lose this opportunity. Blogging/Article writing really helps me a lot financially. I know I could go  a long way if I just have the gadgets that I need. With regular income through blogging, this will really help us a lot with our future plans.

And this is where the dilemma begins:

If my MIL will not go with us, we will be compelled to live with her and get used of the situation where the house isn't really that comfortable to stay with... OR we will be forced to hire a nanny, not one BUT two! (where can we find a trustworthy one?)

Oh,Lord, please guide our plans...

How about you, what can you suggest?

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purethoughts said...

How about hiring just one nanny? Since you will just be in the house, you can take care of the baby and watch over your older boy. Just a thought. Personally I think it's a good idea that you moved to a bigger, more comfortable space. That is needed by your growing family.

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