Tuesday, March 19, 2013

78/366 of BPC 2013: Gregory's Day Out

"Where should I place my hand?"
"Papa, Can you assist me?"
"look at me, I can ride on my own" :) 

My baby seldom go out.  I am just too hesitant to allow him to be with the crowd LOL! See how happy he was? This was taken when he was still 11 months old. I thought he couldn't appreciate it yet, but I was absolutely wrong! 

He's still learning how to walk during this time...
"I can walk soon"

And indeed he did!

He so enjoyed the day that he ended up on his Tita's arms... snoring... sshhh :)

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""rarejonRez"" said...

What a nice time to wear him out, Mommy! I miss malling na diha dah! :D

BPC hop!


Emzkie said...

aw look at that little boy having fun in the mall. =)

BPC hop!

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