Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 76/365 of BPC 2013: To Go or Not to Go?

Summer is here... and Family Camp is back! After 2 years of hiatus LOL! I am kinda excited because this is going to be the first time we will join as a family (me, hubby and babie plus babie bunso inside) LOL!
I want to go but I got lot of what ifs in mind duh! Well, if we are going to the camp, we need to bring lots of baby stuff! Of course, never will I leave my Babie behind! Since we need to go with the Advance Party which will leave on the 26th, it's going to be a 5-day stay at Malaybalay Bukidnon...


Still confused... I know it will be different because this time I have a baby to attend to ;)

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mommy Orkid Belle said...

First of all Congratulations! How exciting, anotheer baby on the way. Anyway, I am sure it will be one fun event for the family. My family and I love to go camping to the mountains in the middle of nowhere. LOL! We love being surrounded by the beautiful trees and mountains and be at peace with the nature. I am sure you will be fine mommy. I did have to bring a lot of things for my kid (I only had our little man back then) like toys and food. We survived and we had fun though. You guys shoudl go. :) Thanks for linking up!

Bless said...

Must be a blast attending a camp especially with all the family :-)

Visiting for BPC!

Learning to Sew Mama said...

Congratulations ;) You will be fine and you will have fun too!

Visiting for BPC!

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