Saturday, March 14, 2015

How About You?

It's funny how we used to complain before God about having no permanent job and living such a very frugal life and when we finally have one, we complain again because we can't have enough of our needs and wants in life.

Funny because we tend to be discontented about so many things. And our discontentment sometimes or most of the times gave us the best stressful moment of our lives.

What's more? When some of our friends seems have a very carefree, easy-living and happy life, we tent to envy them- well that's normal I guess.

As for me, I used to be contented with what I have until I got a family of my own. I didn't say I am complaining that I have them, in fact I am so happy to have them however, the fact that I cannot give them all they want is what bothering me the most. I thought what I have is already enough but I was absolutely wrong.

How about you? Can you feel me? Can you empathize with me?

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