Friday, March 27, 2015

The Joy (and Pain) Felt by a Teacher

My first-time experience as an adviser to a graduating class was indeed full of bitter-sweet memories.

Bitter because you cannot deny the fact that there were those students who failed short of my expectations- that is instead of getting serious with their studies, they engaged themselves in rubbish things thus affecting their supposedly brighter future.

Sweet because these students trusted me that much that they never have any second thought in sharing their life to me. They seek refuge and advice from me and I consider that sweet because not all teachers were given that opportunity. Sweet because through these students, I was able to value things that is more important than earning a living- that is giving premium time to my kids and guiding them until their age of independence.

Those ten months of teaching and sometimes being a parent to them was not an easy task. I often caught myself unguarded every time I heard sad stories experienced by them with their families. I have a student who was forced to work because the parents could not afford to send her to school anymore and since she needs to attend to her work most of her time than to her studies-it truly affects her grades. There were also those students who thought getting in love is the best and most exciting part of their lives and get impregnated to my great dismay. There was also this student who was not able to march during the graduation because of financial constraint.

As a teacher, that was a whole lot of a burden because when I was at their age, I also experienced some of their problems. I can actually relate to most of them but the only difference is that I have this definite goal in my life to finish my studies and I am equally blessed because I have a mother who is willing to sacrifice a lot just to meet this goal. Sadly, some of my students need to survive on their own-without a parent to help them. That is why I cannot expect superb school performance because their minds are too preoccupied as to what to do next in order to survive.

Nevertheless, I am still thankful to God for the strength and wisdom that He gave upon me in becoming not only a teacher, but also a friend, a mother and a sister to my students. 

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