Saturday, April 4, 2015

Welcome the New Puppy

Celebrate the arrival of a new puppy in the home by making dog gift baskets. These baskets can include almost anything that you can imagine for a new puppy, and you can make other ones for pets in the home before the puppy arrives. Make sure the basket that you make has items that are for the gender of the new family member. 

There are a few ways that you can start making the basket. You can get a plain wicker basket, or you can use something that will also be used with the animal, such as a bed or a bag to hold all of its supplies. Start with the treats for the puppy. These should be something soft for the puppy to chew on while having vitamins and nutrients that the dog might not get from food. You can add a small bag of food in the basket, but most people know that puppies like to plat as well. Some of the toys that you add are balls, bones, stuffed animals and squeakers. You can also include grooming supplies and items to make the puppy feel secure at night in the new home. If you are making a basket for someone else, don't forget to wrap it in some way so that everything stays in one place

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