Monday, June 8, 2015

A Rugged First Week...

I am actually referring to our first week of school for this school year 2015-2016.

Why rugged?

Before classes ends last school year, we already anticipated for our transfer in our new site beginning this school year. However, considering that the building was not fully done yet, we were informed that the Turn-Over would take place anytime of June or July.

Then came a short notice from the Division Office two days before FIRST DAY OF CLASS that the building will be turned over on the 3rd of June that is why our Principal call for an emergency meeting on a very Sunday so we could planned out everything within just short period of time.

Actually, we are already used to pressures but not as tedious as this. So our dear Principal, who has the burden of this all, delegated to us some of the important roles and mine was the layouting of the programme, the tarpaulin and the conceptualization video (a sort of a history-themed video). I did all those things for two sleepless nights.

Sunday night- I started layouting for the tarps...

Monday. Opening Ceremony in school.We were being introduced to both new and old students. We actually had a very lively morning. After the convocation, I started for the video trying my best to utilize all the resources that were only available-including my strength and patience... Then came some personnel from the Division Office (DO) informing us that we need to transfer immediately (as in on that very day!) to the new site and should conduct our classes there. Can you imagine the pressure of the preparation for the Turn-Over Ceremony ADDED WITH our need to pack all our belongings for the IMMEDIATE TRANSFER? Then as we became wiser in managing our time, trying not to waste any seconds of it, another news broke out that our transfer was put in abeyance because the contractor didn't allow us to occupy the  new building prior to its Inspection- again, can you imagine the adrenaline rush that was suddenly interrupted with another breaking news thus consuming all our energy and draining us slowly? Indeed, it was such a chaotic Monday- so full of surprises!

Tuesday- I helped our Principal for the layouting of the programme which was revised for a couple of times because there were so many data that needs to be added or deleted. While waiting for the corrections from the DO and the Mayor's Office, I started sorting my belongings, trying as much as possible to declutter all those unnecessary ones. Good thing I have the presence of some of my students who helped me in packing my stuff. Added to my pressure during that day was the fact that I cannot transport my stuff to the new site because there's a limited truck used for the transportation and they prioritized all the chairs and tables. I don't have enough resources too to rent a vehicle that could transport mine as what my other colleagues did. Well, I just cannot imagine how I was able to get through the day. During night time, I finalized my video until wee hours of the morning...

Wednesday- the BIG Day. Everybody seems too pressured as shown on their faces (including mine). I was really nervous coz my laptop isn't working properly and I couldn't even decide for myself on where to setup all my things. Basically, I was the operator of the day. My day started with such an ignore-the-way-I-look expression. I even had a heated argument with my hubby who was just trying to be of help during that time. And so my mood became consistent for the whole day. My video wasn't presented anymore because of time constraint and technical issues, plus the screen projector didn't cooperate during that day as if the projector was aware that I was in great pressure. And since we never expected the number of UNEXPECTED GUESTS, we opt not to take our supposedly sumptuous lunch anymore because we run out of budget. Good thing there was a burger being rationed around- that helps a little... I am actually very excited that finally I already have my own classroom for my advisory  with individual toilet- just merely thinking about it did a little magic in lightening up my mood. Later that afternoon, I managed to transport all my stuff with the help of the Barangay-provided vehicle. I didn't call it a day until I unpack my stuff.- Indeed it was a very long day. Oh, I almost forgot... this day also marks my first year in service with the DepEd (so timely!)

Thursday- everything seems becoming normal despite the fact that it was very hot and dusty (which we need to overcome until the rainy day). During that day, I finally meet the majority of my students. We had an election of officers as well as cleaners assignment. I was also able to discuss to them the school rules and regulations. I could only hope for a better class this year, way far better than last year...

Friday, still a period of adjustment but so far, everything is good and in order...

I am looking forward that this school year will end with a blissful experience among my students.

A rugged week indeed!

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