Friday, June 26, 2015

Memory Fails...

It's been awhile already. I haven't written anything. Unlike those first few years of my blogging career, I am so eager to write. 

I am busy, yes, but I felt like I have wasted much of my time being idle. I have so many things in my mind that i want to accomplish and yet, it remains on my to-do-lists.

Ageing. This could be one of the factors (I supposed). But on one thought, it's actually my connection.

Long ago, when I was still living a very simple life where I do not have my own laptop yet, I used to say to myself that If I'll be able to acquire a laptop on my own, I will never stop blogging. But I was totally wrong. Maybe just like my passion for drawing, it just suddenly wane. I used to have so many thoughts in my mind that I want to express but it all gone to memory fails. 

Maybe I just need a little inspiration or an encouragement to collect all my thoughts and have it expressed through blogging...

I could only hope for more.

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It's been

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