Monday, October 5, 2015

My Passion for Teaching

If there's one thing that I want to thank God with as of this very moment, it is Him giving me all the opportunities to become a teacher. I am hesitant at first to live this profession simply because I do not have that so called "self-confidence" but good thing I am surrounded with people who encourages me to pursue my teaching career.

Without knowing it, I am already in the world of academe for more than a decade! Those years of experiences molded me to become what I am right now-more mature and a little bit more confident.

I learned a lot of lessons as a teacher. I learn the value of perseverance, patience and a little more patience. My students have different stories of their lives to tell. There are those who seems to be deprived with the best in life and there are those who are in abundance. I just love the feeling of having an extended family in school. I love the feeling of being look up to by my students. I love the feeling of being trusted and loved by them. Though sometimes, I have the tendency to carry on their "emotional baggage" at home, I have the tendency as well to broke down in front of my students, but that was me, and they love and accept me for what I am. I am just being honest with my feelings because they taught me so. I also made it a point not to judge them. I do believe that every student has a potential that is just waiting to be discovered. I tried to push them to their limit until they have shown to me the things that they are capable of doing. Indeed, being a teacher is not just a walk in the park, as others were saying; it is a lifelong journey and discovery about life. Teaching is a vocation and not just another profession.

As the old adage goes, teaching is the noblest profession. 

I am proud to be one!

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