Thursday, December 8, 2016

When to Be Concerned About Kidney Problems

Nearly every person has dealt with a bout of urinary tract or kidney infection. It is at times painful and irritating, but seldom life-threatening. What if there were something more sinister going on? Do you know how to recognize when there is a serious kidney problem? Below are a few signs and symptoms to watch out for.

Blood In the Urine

Seeing blood in the urine should always be cause for concern, although most of the time it is not anything too serious. It can be a sign of kidney stones or an infection. It should be bothersome enough to make an appointment with a urologist to rule out serious problems. It is one symptom of kidney cancer, which means you should never take it lightly.

Intense Pains Radiating Between the Upper Abdomen and Back

Intense or throbbing pain in the upper abdomen, either side can be a sign that something serious is going on with one or both of the kidneys. There are quite a few internal organs in the abdomen, but kidney pain is associated as a deeper abdominal pain that incorporates areas of the back. Any sharp pain, even intermittent should be investigated further.

Unusual Abdominal Swelling

Noticeable abdominal swelling can mean many things, but it is also a sign of kidney troubles if it is around the location of either organ. You will need a doctor to check it out by physical exam and perhaps do am MRI or CT scan. Having a more complete picture will help determine why there is swelling and if it involves the kidneys.

Family or Personal History of Cancer 

If you are a close family member has a history of cancer it is worth taking the time to have any kidney problems fully checked and diagnosed. The problem with kidney cancer is that it shows relatively few symptoms until later stages, which is then hard to fight. Listen to the subtle cues your body might be giving you and use your gut instinct on medical history.

See a Urologist for Peace of Mind

Stuart Zykorie, M.D.
When you are experiencing symptoms and things seem off it is best to make an appointment with a urologist in Houston TX. There may be nothing seriously wrong and it will give you and family members peace of mind. It is a small investment of time and resources that can save your life if there is an urgent medical problem.

Contact an experienced urologist like the one at spring medical associates and make an appointment today. Take the necessary time to find out if your symptoms are serious and get on the path to feeling better now!

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