Thursday, June 14, 2018

How To Express Yourself Creatively

One of the biggest ways you can express yourself creatively in school is by decorating your locker. Aside from your personal style, the inside of your locker reflects your unique sense of design, the connection and closeness you have with your friends and how good you are at organizing your school essentials. If your school has an open policy on locker decorating, the sky is the limit. Here are some fun ideas on how to make your school locker look like a million bucks. 

LED Lights

Your locker will quickly become the prime hangout spot in between classes when your friends catch a glimpse of your battery-operated LED lights. Not only are LED light strands a great source of extra light in your dark metal locker cave, they also look really cool taped to the very back wall.

Temporary Wallpaper

Removable or repositionable wallpaper or contact paper is a quick and mess-free way to add a playful pop of color or pattern to the interior of your locker door. You can coordinate the print to match your magnetic notepads, mirrors, dry-erase markers and writing boards, or you can mix and match patterns and colors for an added touch of fun.

Magnetic Fashion Bins/Cups

Maximizing room and effectively using up every square inch of available space in your locker is essential. Magnetic cups and bins adhere to the interior door of your locker and hold everything from pens and pencils to scissors, markers, highlighters glue sticks and rulers.

View AllYou can shop for many of these locker essentials online or at brick-and-mortar retailers in your community. When you shop online, you have a much better selection and availability of locker essentials. One example of an online retailer offering a full selection of decorating essentials and name brand Locker Lookz accessories is Coppin's Gifts: 

From wallpaper to bins, clocks, mirrors, curtains and valances, you can find everything you need to spruce up your locker in one fell swoop online. As the school year progresses, you will love adding favorite photos of your friends, funny notes and decorative touches to your locker.

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