Thursday, June 14, 2018

Living the Rural Life: A Few Tips for City Slickers

Many urban dwellers want a simpler life. They see rural areas as a reprieve from the noise and busy nature of the big city. If you're ready to take on a new lifestyle, explore some of the prime features that go along with a rural environment. There's a whole, new world for you to explore.

Maintenance is Key

A major part of living in a rural environment is maintaining your property. Take care of fencing, barn accessories and the household itself. Ideally, you should inspect the property along its entire perimeter at least once a week. Broken fences translate into potential theft and injured livestock. Take pride in your property because it will be subjected to the weathering elements every day. An urban home doesn't have the same challenges as a rural abode.

Insure Your Livestock

Most rural properties have livestock, such as cattle or horses. There are barns and stables involved with their care. Be aware that covering these items as assets is critically important. Look for horse insurance to protect your investment. If anything happens to your animals, they're covered by the policy. You may never need to use it, but it's comforting to know that there's a buffer between you and a potential emergency.

Start Out Early

Sleeping in on a rural property isn't always suggested. It can get warm during the afternoon on any large property. You'll be outside for most of the day if you're working the land or animals on it. Think about rising early to complete your work before the hottest part of the day arrives. You'll be more productive as a result. There may be extra time in the day for personal pursuits, such as hobbies or charitable work.

If you're not sure about a big leap into the rural lifestyle, spend some time on vacation and explore a local area. Everyone has a different comfort level with their surroundings. You might fall in love with the rural life or decide against it. Trying the experience is the only way to make a real determination.

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