Friday, September 7, 2018

4 Tips for Planning a Funeral

If you've suffered a loss, the last thing that you probably want to think about is a funeral. However, it's a necessity for sending off your loved one with grace. Here are four funeral planning tips that can help to ease the burden during this difficult time.

1. Hire a Funeral Director

Funeral directors have seen it all, so you don't have to feel ashamed about asking for help. It's literally their job to guide you through your grief and help you plan a ceremony for the sake of your loved one. Just be sure that you're hiring a worthwhile professional; look up their reviews before you commit to their services.

2. Be Frank About Money

It can be an awkward talk to have with a funeral director, especially when you're grieving, but it's better to get it out of the way right off the bat. They need to know what kind of budget that you're operating under, and you need to know what kind of service that you can expect for that price.

3. Know What You Want

Will your loved one be buried or cremated? Do you prefer an open or closed casket? Who will be allowed to speak at the funeral? Will you give your eulogy at the funeral home or by the graveside? It's up to you to decide all of this as the funeral planner, so know what you want to happen.

4. Don't Forget the Details

It's easy for things to slip by you when you're grieving, so consider making a list for things like flowers, schedules, signature books and seating arrangements. It will keep you focused as you plow through the necessary details of planning a funeral. You might not feel like looking for funeral flowers Brookfield IL, but it needs to be done.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you prepare a funeral. Your loved one might be gone, but they can remain in your heart with the help of an elegant, tasteful ceremony. Use these suggestions to plan a funeral that honors their memory.

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