Sunday, September 9, 2018

How Important is Self-worth?

Self-worth, a compound words with a complex meaning. Well, that's according to my heart and brain. 

Whenever you're on the stage of your married life where your partner don't seem to value you anymore, where you are becoming less important, least priority, last option... Oh well, the list could go on, then how would you rate your self-worth? Oh no, is such words do even exist? Coz, I don't feel it anymore. Sad, but true. 

Self-worth. Should we earn it for free, OR should we have to work it out to make it happen? Is it freely given, OR we still need to accomplish something to earn that thing? Well, whatever it is, one thing is for sure- if you don't find it in yourself anymore, then maybe you're becoming useless for him and your presence is unnecessary already.  Then why am I still alive when I'm unworthy anymore?  

There are really stages in our lives wherein we just don't know anymore on what to do. Like you have no one to turn to, your loved ones should know nothing about your present predicament otherwise you're the one to be blamed. Along with the absence of self-worth, self-pity comes in. 

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