Thursday, December 13, 2018

It's Now or Never

As my age increases, so does my weight and I just can't really help it. Earlier this year, I made some effort to lose weight by joining/initiating Zumba with my students but due to pile of works, I wasn't able to pursue it that far thus my weight was back to it's horrible number- 69KG!

Being overweight is not a funny thing. Aside from the fact that it will affect your self-confidence to the lowest level, it also affects our health. Sad but true. Going upstairs becomes a burden to me. I easily feel exhausted and I keep on catching my breath! It's been awhile that I was planning to hit the gym once in a while but just keep on procrastinating it (the spirit is willing, but the body is weak). But seriously, my asthma began to torture me for almost 4 months already and it was totally alarming! Based on some manuscripts I've read, working out will help asthma problems, thus I was really compelled to decide for good. And so this afternoon, right after work, and together with some of my colleagues, we registered ourselves to the gym. Yes, this is it. I should do it now, otherwise, I will be suffering the consequences of OBESITY!

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