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Monday, October 7, 2013

Lazada Got Me!

First, I received a comment on my other blogs from their Online Marketer asking me if I am interested to their offer and of course who am I to decline? I immediately emailed her expressing my interest (obviously!). I was once asking my other blogger friends who posted an items from Lazada if how did they avail it and they told me that Lazada representative emailed them. Then I started wishing and hoping that they too will email me. I used to delete an email with comment approval notification, but that particular comment, I was just curious if who left me some note on my blog and I was really surprised upon knowing that indeed it is from Lazada!

So, after some emails exchange, and complying to their requirements, I am now featured on their "Featured Blogger" page. See?

And not only that, I was able to purchase my wishlist, a Haipad brand Tablet, using their discount voucher. 
Soon to be mine, 5-10 days from now ;)

Whew! What an early Christmas blessings! Thank you Lord!

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Get An Affordable Gadget at Lazada

My blogging career really helps me a lot both socially and financially. Socially, because I was able to meet many blogger friends AND financially because I get to earn an extra income for our needs. I was thankful to my sister who gave me a laptop so that I could continue my online career at home. The laptop works fine but it is too heavy for me to carry so I rather use it only when I am home. Internet connection in school is quite slow so all my online tasks and updates should be done at home only. 

My class schedules has so many vacant hours in between and sometimes if I won't be checking my student's works, I just spend my idle time playing computer games or watching TV and taking a nap and I always thought that all those wasted time should be spent online. If I could only make use of my vacant times at school doing it, I won't be spending too much time in front of my laptop anymore. There will be no more late night sleep. As a Mom of two, I need to prioritize taking care the needs of my babies before doing anything else. Ideally, I work on the computer when my babies are already asleep.

I've been eyeing for a net book that is convenient enough to carry but considering the price, I guess I would better settle for tablet instead. It is among my wish list for Christmas but really I am hoping that I could have it before Christmas. Tablet could have many uses for me. Besides, tablets are very affordable right now. I saw it on Lazada website. I could have it for as low as P 3,000.00 or roughly 70USD. 

You see, I was very positive that I could own this gadget. I love COBY KYROS Tab because of its affordability. When I invest something, I do not really spend too much, am not a big spender because I know my limit. Well, I just want to thank Lazada. I've tried online shopping before but the company was from Singapore and it took more than a month before the package arrive. It's too late for me to realize that we have a Pinoy Online Shopping site that is not only affordable but offers free shipping too! Not only that, you can also pay upon delivery and if you got some issues, Lazada is open for free returns within 14 days. Wow! That's what I am looking for in online shopping, customers are guaranteed to be safe with their purchases. Also, I've got a lot of options to choose from because they almost got everything that I need or want. Lazada is so amazing for giving such a big discounts on most of their products as well. I even love their fashionable items on sale. 
My FB status expressing my interest LOL!

Wish I could have lot of funds on my PayPal soon so I could do an early Christmas shopping for my love ones. They also offer P200 voucher discount for just simply subscribing to their newsletter. See, as soon as I get the funds, I already have a P200 discounts to avail! That's more than good news! I know you are interested too while still reading this. So what are you waiting for? Visit their site, subscribe to their newsletter, get an account and enjoy shopping!

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