Monday, October 7, 2013

Lazada Got Me!

First, I received a comment on my other blogs from their Online Marketer asking me if I am interested to their offer and of course who am I to decline? I immediately emailed her expressing my interest (obviously!). I was once asking my other blogger friends who posted an items from Lazada if how did they avail it and they told me that Lazada representative emailed them. Then I started wishing and hoping that they too will email me. I used to delete an email with comment approval notification, but that particular comment, I was just curious if who left me some note on my blog and I was really surprised upon knowing that indeed it is from Lazada!

So, after some emails exchange, and complying to their requirements, I am now featured on their "Featured Blogger" page. See?

And not only that, I was able to purchase my wishlist, a Haipad brand Tablet, using their discount voucher. 
Soon to be mine, 5-10 days from now ;)

Whew! What an early Christmas blessings! Thank you Lord!

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