Friday, October 4, 2013

I Am A Teacher- The Impatient Who Taught Patience

It's our day, teacher's day. Greetings from your previous and current students are there. Flowers, chocolates and other special tokens were given. 

But what does it take to become a teacher? On top of earning a degree and passing the licensure exam, becoming a teacher needs a lot of things: 


Why patience? You see? you'll be dealing number of students with different upbringing. Not all of them learned the moral truths in life. Others went to school not merely to learn, but to escape the hostility that they endured back home.

With my eight years of experience, it's not only once or twice that my patience has been tested. I've been faced with such kind of challenges almost every day. There are students who will be kind to you in such a way that they will be attentive and obedient to all your instructions and do their job well. However, it cannot be denied that there are students who are kinda hard on you. They might have hear everything you say but they are not really listening. These are the kind of students who will really test your limit.

Nevertheless, I am still thankful that I met both kinds. I admit, I am not good in dealing with impatient students because I am impatient myself. I cannot tolerate hardheadedness because I am hardheaded too. My long teaching experience lengthen my patience but sometimes I felt like I should ignore those students who really tried my limit. I should consider teaching as a challenge,not only for myself but for my students as well. 

I am a teacher, impatient yet taught my students how to be patient.

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