Thursday, October 31, 2013

What's the Fuzz?

Normally, I supposedly been dreaming at this very hour (12:25AM) though I slept late last night, still I am wide awake because of so many thoughts in my mind. Well, I was just being overwhelmed with so many unfinished tasks and deadlines to beat. I need to post my grade later or I'll get my salary sometime in December LOL! I love my job but somehow the way I get paid is suffocating me. Why? I felt like I am so exhausted and yet didn't get to save anything. But anyway, I don't wanna linger on this topic. I just hope and pray that I will really make it in the DepEd next year (may God bless me with strength and perseverance). 

A lot of things happen lately that shaken some of our brethren. The earthquake that brought too much destruction to our Cebuano and Boholano was so devastating. And the almost never-ending rain last night worried me a lot too. Natural calamities are the most uncontrollable scenario and I don't want to experience anything of that anymore. We cannot relate it to climate change I guess.

Talking about uncontrollable scenario, I wonder if there's somebody who is an expert in controlling his temper. Well, maybe they do exist but I guess there's just a handful of them. I was actually wondering about myself. I have this temper that keeps on pissing me off. I am so irritable nowadays and I just can't help it. One small argument can already flared me up and I found it really disgusting. I usually blamed those whoever gets on my way but the reality is that it was all about me- the problem is within me. I lost that self-control. I used to be an expert on that before. Now I don't even know how to tamed my mouth. I knew it's horrible and I guess I just needed enough space and air to breathe because I felt like I will explode anytime soon! Oh bottled up emotion, is that you?

This is not ME anymore ;(


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