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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Essential Characteristics of Comedy

Comedy shows can be a fun and exciting event to go to with your friends after a long week of work, but you aren't going to enjoy yourself if you don't find any of the humor funny. It is extremely important to find a comedy show that has a reputation of making you laugh and having a good time. It can be hard to go on the search for the right comedy show; what exactly do you look for? Comedy shows such as Chocolate Sundaes Comedy have all the essential characteristics you need to look for in a show of humor. Learn about these different traits and you will be on your way to finding the best show in your local area. This way, you will have an amazing night out that you will never forget.

The Bizarre Situation

The first thing you need to search for in humorous comedy is that the comedian tells jokes that involve a very out-of-the-ordinary situation. What makes things humorous is when you recognize that something doesn't make sense, or that it is not likely that something good is going to come out of the circumstances. When the comedian starts with such a plot, you know you are going to have a good time.


Aside from the previous point, another great comedic point is a joke that is relatable to you. Don't you always find it funny when a joke is told about family life or office behavior? A joke that incorporates your thoughts and feelings into the set up or even the punch line will always get you rolling on the floor laughing.


Any good story or punch line begins with some sort of conflict that needs to be resolved. Otherwise, the audience finds the plot rather boring or uninteresting. Search for a comedian that discusses conflict that you can relate to or understand. You want to recognize the antagonist in the story so when it is resolved, you find it humorous.

These are just several characteristics you can find in a true comedic show that will leave you laughing for days. Don't hesitate to do further research or ask friends about other local shows you can attend. Shows such as Chocolate Sundaes Comedy can bring you real treat of an evening.

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

An Insightful Comments (LDV to Bossing)

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I am sure you already read Lourd de Veyra's Open Letter to Vic Sotto and I knew as well that as open minded as you are, you are agreeable to LDV's constructive criticism about the latter's latest movie: My Little Bossing. Honestly, I didn't get to watch any of the MMFF entries, I just don't have the luxury of time and resources to do so. However, LDV's comment became viral that it really caught my curiosity. I found his post as really insightful thus I was wondering why Bossing take it somehow, negatively (though he admitted that he didn't get to read the post and yet gave his reactions) when all LDV's point was for him (Bossing) to change his image as an actor. LDV believes that Bossing can still go a long way beyond and out of his comfort zone. Just like LDV, most of the moviegoers now is seeking for that kind of movie whom we can consider as quality and with substance (as to the plot). And I know as well that someday, somehow, Philippine movies will be among those sought-after production in the near future, and I mean ALL MOVIES not just those Indie Films.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Yes, She Did It Her Way!

It's been viral in the social media as well as in various e-news the victory that Rose "Osang" Fostanes achieved in the recently concluded X Factor Israel. Her own rendition of "My Way" made it. It's nice to hear that OFW are making names worldwide. 

To "Osang", thank you for bringing pride to the Philippines, Congratulations!

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hannah Montana is Dead?
Miley Cyrus
Hey, do you still remember Hannah Montana? I'm sure your little kiddo does. She's so pretty, responsible, adorable, sweet and wholesome, isn't it? That is why many li'l girls just love watching her every day. Such TV series earned awards not just once but many many times. Indeed, the lead character, Miley Cyrus, never failed to wow her followers. But after its season finale in 2011, what happened to Hannah Montana? Do you miss her? Maybe, if you haven't got the latest update yet about Miley Cyrus, you would probably say YES. But with the latest MTV VMA event, I can only conclude one thing: HANNAH MONTANA IS DEAD!
Hannah Montana (2006) Poster
Indeed, LIFE is WHAT you make it

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wazz Up?

Many are so excited for the upcoming Pacquiao- Bradley bout. And perhaps, you are one of them. As for me, I am excited as well and I like the latest development of Manny Pacquiao, specifically on his spiritual life though there were some who were just so negative about it. Whatever is the outcome, I just hope that it will be the last fight for Manny and I hope also that he will just completely ignore Mayweather's challenge. So much for his boxing career. He should focus on what is most important- his newly found love in Jesus Christ ^_^.

Anyway, in the issue of fighting, the media can't still get enough of Santiago-Tulfo fight that took place last Sunday at NAIA. People are still wondering as to who should be blamed and who really caused it to happen. Whoever initiated the said fight, I just hope that it will be resolved soon. I can't help but notice as well the shortcomings of NAIA for their malfunctioned CCTV cam (It's more fun in the Philippines, indeed that a simple case of malfunctioning cannot be resolved immediately). Public places like an airport should be well-equipped with usable facilities and proper maintenance should be applied considering the necessity of CCTV cam. If only the CCTV cam did work during the incident, there would be no further interrogation as to who should be blamed on the issue. 

On the part of Cebu Pacific, they should informed the passenger beforehand about the luggage issue in order not to cause panic on the part of the passengers. We cannot put all the blame to Claudine for acting such things though it is inappropriate for her to be so nasty with the attendant considering that the attendants have nothing to do about it.    However, if only Cebu Pacific management informed them ahead of time (before boarding time) such incident will not happen.

On the part of Mon Tulfo, he appeared to be the most affected, severely pathetic if we based our judgment on the YouTube video footage that reached almost one million viewers (hmm, trending!). However, during the interview, the Santiago revealed that it was Mon Tulfo who initiated the fight when he was asked about the picture of Claudine that he took. Mon Tulfo earned the sympathy of the majority especially the media people because for them, Mon was just exercising his rights as a media practitioner and that the Santiago's were in a public place thus they have no rights to claim their right of privacy (toink!)

If we tried to weigh things out, we cannot really tell as to who among them tells the truth. Only the witnesses can do it however, the security guards who were there during the incidents were not willing to cooperate for some reason. Both parties are willing to settle the issue through the court. The Santiago's were threatened with the reaction of Mon Tulfo's siblings (who can blame them?).

Well, I just hope that the truth will prevail. Such issue on fighting is so trending nowadays- especially in the Entertainment World. We had Andi Eigenman vs. Arvie CasiƱo; Annabelle Rama and Ruffa Gutierrez vs. Amalia Fuentes; Annabelle Rama vs. Nadia Montenegro and of course Manny Pacquiao vs the unbeaten Timothy Bradley LOL!

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