Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hannah Montana is Dead?
Miley Cyrus
Hey, do you still remember Hannah Montana? I'm sure your little kiddo does. She's so pretty, responsible, adorable, sweet and wholesome, isn't it? That is why many li'l girls just love watching her every day. Such TV series earned awards not just once but many many times. Indeed, the lead character, Miley Cyrus, never failed to wow her followers. But after its season finale in 2011, what happened to Hannah Montana? Do you miss her? Maybe, if you haven't got the latest update yet about Miley Cyrus, you would probably say YES. But with the latest MTV VMA event, I can only conclude one thing: HANNAH MONTANA IS DEAD!
Hannah Montana (2006) Poster
Indeed, LIFE is WHAT you make it

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