Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Disadvantages of Being Good

Is there really disadvantages of being good? Believe me, the answer is YES. In my eight years of teaching, I met different kind of students with unique attitudes. And as a teacher, you need to adjust yourself in order to get harmonized with them. Hmm, what I mean with "in order to get harmonized with them" is to have a peaceful relationship with them

I do not want to be labeled as TERROR TEACHER. I want my students to see the real me. I want them to know me as me. That is why I made myself available for them always. I am so approachable, so to speak. I am willing to go an extra mile just to teach them, even if it means a one-on-one tutorial because they just don't get the lesson despite of your lengthy explanation, elaboration and demonstration. I befriended them, give them a piece of advice when they need to and being so cool to them. I joke with them, laugh with them and even cry with them! That is me! I just want to be the coolest teacher as long as I could.

But that was before.

My leniency ended when I felt that my reputation as a "cool teacher" was being abused by some of them. They don't bother to get serious anymore on my subject because I am such a considerate teacher and that I can give them another chance to cope up with their misses. Oh, it hurts so much when such thing happened not only once, twice but so many times. Well, IF TRUTH BE TOLD, I didn't actually reconsider them because I am such a considerate teacher, or I pity them, it's actually their parents that I pitied the most who could be unaware of what they are doing.

Right now, things has changed. After I gave my discussion (lesson proper), I do not have a heart to repeat it anymore for those who were late in coming to class and for those who were absent, of course, not unless they have valid reasons. I also do not hesitate in giving failing remarks for those who deserves it judging from their performances and attitude. I also hate those students who don't bother to listen simply because they have somebody to rely on to in case they need "help". Too bad for them because I hate copycat! Just this afternoon, I confiscated one flash drive to teach them a lesson.

It's so sad to think that instead of reciprocating your goodness with another goodness, the opposite things happened and that's reality.


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