Saturday, August 31, 2013

Just Wanna Have Some Fun...

My hands are full both at work and at home. However, I still manage to do things that allow me to get rid of boredom. Among my favorite past time are reading and doodling/sketching (aside from sleeping and eating of course). I only knew the basic of sketching but am not an artist at all. I actually do not know how to apply color to make my work attractive thus I better leave it in pencil than damaging the entire drawing. I am not an artist but I love arts! It's one of my favorite subject. I tried once in charcoal rendering but like what I have said, I am only good in sketching because by the time I applied the shades, it was a total mess! But am not closing my doors in possibility of gaining knowledge in the do's and don'ts of color rendering. Nevertheless, I am still very much thankful to God that He gave me eyes that could appreciate arts and a pair of hands that can somehow partake on them. Oh ARTS, I long to learn more about you in the right time.

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