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Thursday, February 4, 2010

TT: Confidence

I have been into blogging for almost a year. At first I am so engrossed with blogging that it became a part of me... Months passed by and the demands of my work is increasing thus I need to lie low in blogging. Then Ate Grace encouraged me to pursue blogging so that soon I can monetize it.So I did and have myself registered to multiple websites that offers opportunities, and one of them is It took me for awhile for my blog to be approvd by their management... But it's worth the wait.. I am now enjoying writing through the opportunities their advertiser allowed me to take. From $5 to $7.50 and the latest was $30! What encouraged me most to write about this was the fact that my post was chosen as BEST POST TO DATE... Well I know that many best post are still coming but at least I made it there! The opportunity was sponsored by the Syndacast company. Of course the least thing that I can do in return to this best opportunity (so far) is to post my comment of gratitude....

iLove it!
Oh by the way, you might be wondering why I have this post titled as Confidence its because, at first I was really hesitant to pursue this post with apprehensions that I may not be qualified or worst be rejected... Thank God He gave me the confidence that I need...

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