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Friday, January 14, 2011

She's Free

Losing someone we dearly love is indeed so difficult to bear. But I salute the kind of strength that Pastor Lito have shown while giving his acknowledgment speech. I can feel his pain and his unwavering faith and yet he remain calm.

To Ate Alma, whom I have only known for the past three years, but left a great lasting impression in my heart, you are so blessed to be back in Our Father's arms again. The pain you went through were just now a history of the life you left here on Earth. If I couldn't hold back the tears and pain, how much more for your bereaved family who will forever and ever cherish you. 

However, the following poem which was read to us during the funeral service somehow lighten up the mood. I thanked Ate Grace for this:

please click the picture 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Am I Ready To Take Off?

Time flew so fast that today is still January and the next time you wake up you'll be surprised that it is already the month of February...

What else can I say? I am a little bit pressured with how the time runs. It is as if each day that I spent comes short and the things to be done are still piling up.

One questions suddenly pop up into my mind: Am I ready to take off to the next level of maturity? My mind and emotions are battling once again. Deep sigh cannot solve it nor absorbing much of my thoughts on it. As the moment of truth approaches my heart is throbbing with fear and perhaps confusion... Can I really make it? Of course with the absence of God, I really can't. But judging to how I felt, I am a little bit apprehensive and doubtful...

I imagined myself running away to nowhere. I know I should take that leap of faith but I am not sure if I still have the courage to do so.

The feeling of fear envelopes me once again. What if I made the wrong decision?  I do not know how to overcome my pessimistic attitude. 

Though I entrusted everything to God, my human nature overwhelms me that much.

Can somebody please pray for me? Don't ask me on what to pray for, just pray on whatever God will dictate to you or impress into your heart...


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