Saturday, May 8, 2010

Election 101: How To Accomplish The Ballot

2 days more to go and it's gonna be a judgment day for all the aspiring candidates of the AUTOMATED May 2010 election...

The COMELEC said everything is all set for this Monday's nationwide activity...Many apprehensions, speculations and confusions (all synonyms?) were made by the public, especially by the lower class society who were not able to get the opportunity of educating themselves with the current method. Even for those who are knowledgeable enough with computers still need further understanding about the new procedure. From filling up the ballot to feeding it to the PCOS machine is still an issue... With my little effort to inform us all (this is also available to the COMELEC's Official Website), the following are the methods in accomplishing the ballot:

Pursuant to Section 35 of Resolution No. 8739
1. The voter shall, using a ballot secrecy folder and the marking pen provided by the COMELEC, fill his ballot by fully shading the oval beside the names of the candidates and political party participating in the party list system of representation of his choice.
2. The voter shall then approach the PC0S;insert his ballot in the ballot entry slot and wait until the ballot is dropped into the ballot box. The BEI shall monitor the PCOS screen to make sure that the ballot was successfully accepted. Thereafter, the voter shall return the ballot secrecy folder and marking pen to the chairman.
3. The chairman shall apply indelible ink at the base and extending to the cuticle of the right forefinger nail of the voter, or any other nail if there be no forefinger nail.
4. The voter shall affix his thumb mark on the corresponding space in the EDCVL.
5. The voter shall then leave the polling place.

Please be guided. Vote with conscience.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

TT: Being Thankful

I've got a lot of things to thank God for:
1. for the life of Meryl Ajan who committed her time to study the Word of God with me through PDL series;
2. for the opportunity that God entrusted on me to share His message of Patience/Impatience to my fellow brethren;
3. for my Lighthouse family and their prayers;
4. for the wonderful things that God has in store for me... for the things that is yet to come...

I am positive and firmly believe that something good is about to happen to the community and to our nation as a whole right after the national election. (AMEN)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Amazing Give Aways Indeed!

Classes will resume soon... need to buy new accessories like bags, etc... But why buy when I can have it for free! (if given the chance!)
Calling all moms, single ladies and bloggers out there! My amazing  Ate Grace is turning 1 in the blogosphere... As her way of thanking all of us (being her follower :), she's giving away bags, Viuctoria's Secret Lotion (no longer a secret because it was revealed already lol!) and therapeutic bracelet! Check it out!
Promo runs until June 15 only.... hurry!

TCP: Inkheart

I'm back for Tuesday Couch Potatoes! Before I will feature my choice of movie for this week's theme, let me say something about Novel-based stories... (I didn't mean to spoil anything, no pun intended :)
 Sometimes, novel-inspired movies doesn't convey every detail that we have read from the book.. Well, of course, considering the scene that only a pen can mightily do, it's actually understandable. Most of the movies that I were able to watch left me hanging, not because the movie wasn't good enough but the story is a little bit different...Well, CREATIVITY comes in. Let's consider the "choreography" thing....
Anyway, I've seen a lot of novel-inspired movies, I have there The Notebook (which I already featured on the previous edition), Lord of the Rings (wasn't able to follow completely), Twilight Saga (my students has a lot of comments about this-they love the novel more than the movie), Harry Potter (wasn't able to complete this as well) and a whole lot more!
Inkheart by Cornelia Funke (Hardcover)But, this week, I'm gonna feature ♥INKHEART ♥ with Brendan Fraser on the lead role... I wasn't able to watch this movie yet but I have a book written by Cornelia Funke (soft bound,quite thick)... this is more on more on fantasy adventure movie. But mind you, it's a very interesting story, somehow scared me a bit... I just do hope, the movie speaks well for the novel. Here's the synopsis:
Inkheart (+ BD-Live) [Blu-ray]Author Cornelia Funke's best-selling children's novel comes to vivid life on the big screen with this family-friendly tale about a bookbinder whose storytelling skills possess the curious power to transport the characters he speaks about into the real world. When a nefarious villain from a bedtime story that the father is currently reading to his daughter emerges to kidnap the stunned storyteller, it's up to the young girl and her adventurous friends -- both real and imaginary -- to bring dad back home and close the book on the dreaded fiend once and for all.
My merely watching its trailer, I guess this is promising....

See for yourself and explore your imagination.... Consider this on your list!
God bless....
Parental Guidance is highly encouraged ☺

Monday, May 3, 2010

MYM: Dare to be empowered...


It's been awhile that I haven't posted anything for my Yellow Mellow Monday entry... And so, for this week, I opt to have this pic (I painted this one during our Family Camp '09). The  theme of our last year's family camp was more on empowerment thus the word "kagahum" was conceptualized for the deco ...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dear (Pastor) John...

People come and go into our lives... Other chose to stay but there are some who will really stick closer to us. Their life becomes our inspiration. We can rarely find this kind of persons...
I am grateful to God that in my journey as an individual, He lead me to His people who may not really be that perfect but their existence made a difference in my life... I may sometimes felt alone  and empty  on the course of my journey, but God gave me people who filled it up and whom I can consider as my extended family... You are among them Pastor John...
The day I had my first Sunday service, I cannot forget that very warm smile welcoming me wholeheartedly... that was you, and right then I can feel like I really belong. I do admire you as a very loving  father to IJ and Dale as well as a romantic husband to Ate Grace... What an ideal couple I have in you!

I always remember most, if not all, of your nuggets of wisdom, your prank jokes, your loving advices, your words of discipline, your words of encouragement...

Ate Grace said we shared a lot in common when it comes to art, but for me, you are far better than me (considering the AGE...oops.... and the experience)... it runs in the blood, Bro? Seriously, how blessed I am to have known you Pas: my adviser, counselor, a real brother, a minister. Indeed, I can see a "real" person in you.

Thank you so much for everything, I may tend to forget uttering this words right into your face, but God knows that I really do.

May God continually bless you.

Happy Birthday!

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