Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Experiencing Braxton Hicks Contractions

Whew, time flew so fast indeed... I still have lots of things to be done before I have my due... I wish I could give birth by 19th so that I could still meet my students... However, as of now, this Braxton Hicks contractions really makes me feel like the time is indeed really near... My baby's fetal movement is so severe that I can't help but grin with pain.  Well, I am crossing my fingers for the better things to happen... As the day approaches, a mixture of excitement and fear overwhelms me especially now that I happened to watch a video of a woman giving a natural birth...
Wish I could gain enough strength when that day comes... Oh before I forgot, i need to continue checking my student's blog.. Bye bye for now.. God bless...

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Hulagway sa Kinabuhi: Tanod

Weee.... Kumusta mga Higala? Nabanhaw na pod akong presensya alang sa pagsalmot karon para sa Hulagway sa Kinabuhi! Apil na mo! 


Mao kani akong ikasalmut karong semanaha alang sa Hulagway sa Kinabuhi :

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Waiting for the day...

Time flew so fast indeed...

The Big Day: April 28, 2011

I have mixed emotions right now. It is already January and anytime from now we'll be having our first baby. I am kinda excited and scared worried at the same time... Hmmm, NO I shouldn't be scared worried. I already prayed to God about this, I should not be anxious anymore...

preggy @ 2 months
But honestly, every night, before I get to sleep, I can't help it but think about the would-be scenario. I do not know what exact time would I probably experienced that labor pain. What I kept on doing is that I talk to my baby on my tummy. I kept on telling him not to get me into trouble when his due will come. I always told him that he should come out at daytime where it won't be too difficult for me... And of course, his Papa should be there with me. I tried to imagine the pain, I kept on asking those experienced Mom... And I've got similar answers- it is indeed really very painful. This makes me scared worried all the more but I have no other option but to anticipate the pain especially when I will be on labor already...

preggy @ 6 months
I have lots of apprehension... I am low in iron, what if I run out of blood? No, heaven forbid! My being so pessimistic overwhelm my thoughts once again... (Sigh)... Oh well, if other Moms were able to do, then there's no reason that I can't. I know God allow this to happen for a very definite reason (Yes, that's the spirit). Well, honestly, I need your back-up support, through prayers... I need more  prayers that everything will be alright. I know that God is in control but my human nature just cannot let go of the fear and apprehension... (Sigh again) Well, I can do it (with God's strength)...

Sooner, I will be giving birth to a very healthy boy in normal delivery. I will be okay then, no further complications will gonna happen... It wouldn't be that painful as well... God will be with me all the way. He will be my strength, my source of oxygen, my provider. He will prepare everything ahead of me, from the time I will be enduring the pain until the time I could finally see our baby... Hubby is so excited as well...
preggy @ 8 months
I am waiting for the day that it will going to happen...

Yes, I am no longer scared worried, why should I? God is with me :)

my tummy, edited w/ Photobucket ;)
Yes, Jeush Gregory will be the name of my baby

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Getting Your First Home Mortgage Quote

Many first-time home buyers have more questions than answers on how to buy a home. No one wants to pay more than they have to for a house, property, or insurance. Even more, prospective buyers, who have never been responsible for property upkeep, could feel that they are getting swindled on a home in need of major repairs. Before anything else, first secure a mortgage quote before wasting a realtor’s time showing you properties.
Below is some simple advice to help you get that first mortgage quote.

Seek Advice

50's, neon insurance sign 
Image Courtesy of Kenneth Knight via Flickr

Not everyone who has bought a house has great advice to offer you. Instead, seek expert advice on the current conditions of the market to learn how the economy has shifted recently and is expected to change in the short-term, and what that means for your loan. Check with a broker for a proper quote that encompasses your income, expected income, assets, and prospective earnings for the future as well as any credit deficiencies.
Typically, brokers will offer you a free mortgage quote in hopes of retaining your business. A broker will also suggest you have at least 3 percent of any potential loan freed up for a down payment. While sites like are great to get access to some emergency funds, you should begin to secure a down payment even before getting the advice from a broker or other expert.

Shop Comparatively

Home foreclosure in Greeley Colorado
Image Courtesy of David Shankbone via Flickr

Far too often, first-time home buyers will go with the first mortgage quote they receive because they think the next quote will be the same. In reality, mortgage brokers have skill levels just as any other occupation. Here are some of the ways one broker could save you money over another:
  • Finding the best insurance for you. There is a number of free online insurance quote systems. While it’s hard to reject a kind broker in his office or even on the phone, shopping for multiple quotes over the internet allows you to have control of which quote is best for you.
  • Explaining bad quotes. A good broker can explain to you what a bad quote looks like so that you know what you don’t want in a mortgage.
Begin your journey for a mortgage quote by doing some independent research on brokers in your area. There are free message boards as well as pay sites, like Angie’s List, that allow you unfettered access about how customers have egarded their experiences with local brokers and mortgage lenders.
Make sure to compare quotes, and secure that all of your financial information is being processed correctly to receive the best mortgage rates as well as associated insurance costs.

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Monday, January 2, 2012

MYM: Yellow Background


This was taken during the MUST Fellowship Night at Mullberry Suites Hotel...

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012!

Say goodbye to 2011, and let us all welcome 2012! I do not know how's your 2011 but one thing is for sure- we will be moving on to another year of our lives. And for this year, let us altogether declare that this year will be better than yesteryear! (Can you say Amen to that?)
The year 2011 might be such an ordeal for some people, especially those who went through greatest trial. It might be easier for me to say that life must go on considering that I am not severely affected with the flood but there's one thing that I was reminded of- Life itself is a gift and all those material things that we all possessed are just a bonus that God allowed us to have. However, we should not be overly attached with all those material things knowing that they won't last forever.

As for this year, we need to move on. We should not allow depression to overwhelmed us. If we will keep on dwelling on all the things that we've lost, Satan will take advantage on it and will continue to inject our mind how miserable life would be in the absence of all those things. Well, it's a complete lie. We should not believe all those things. Let us guard our emotion against Satan's strategy. Let us learn to be strong... God will be our source of strength, our source of hope and above all, apart from Him we are all nothing.

Let us Welcome 2012 with a blast!

Have a blessed New Year!

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