Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012!

Say goodbye to 2011, and let us all welcome 2012! I do not know how's your 2011 but one thing is for sure- we will be moving on to another year of our lives. And for this year, let us altogether declare that this year will be better than yesteryear! (Can you say Amen to that?)
The year 2011 might be such an ordeal for some people, especially those who went through greatest trial. It might be easier for me to say that life must go on considering that I am not severely affected with the flood but there's one thing that I was reminded of- Life itself is a gift and all those material things that we all possessed are just a bonus that God allowed us to have. However, we should not be overly attached with all those material things knowing that they won't last forever.

As for this year, we need to move on. We should not allow depression to overwhelmed us. If we will keep on dwelling on all the things that we've lost, Satan will take advantage on it and will continue to inject our mind how miserable life would be in the absence of all those things. Well, it's a complete lie. We should not believe all those things. Let us guard our emotion against Satan's strategy. Let us learn to be strong... God will be our source of strength, our source of hope and above all, apart from Him we are all nothing.

Let us Welcome 2012 with a blast!

Have a blessed New Year!

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Sarah said...

Stumbled! Have a great new year!

LMC502 said...

Sometimes it can be hard to look forward & not back!

Found you on Stumble Tumble Tuesday. Stumbled for you!

~Shopping for Savings

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