Saturday, January 21, 2012


As a first time soon-to-be Mom. I can't help it but get worried because my expected due of confinement (EDC) went overdue. I am supposed to give birth yesterday but to my great dismay, what I got was just false contractions. I woke up too early this morning for another walking session with my hubby. Last night I felt some pain on my abdomen and we really thought it was the moment that we've been both waiting for... but again- false alarm. Per doctor's advise, I need to go through another ultrasound examination today. As to the diagnosis of the result, My amniotic fluid was bordering low normal volume, I'm a little bit scared upon knowing about it. I heard from other experienced Moms that it is really normal for first time Mom to give birth either before or after the EDC because EDC's were just mere estimated period thus it is not really that accurate. It is my prayer then that everything will be alright... Yes, everything should be alright.God is good and He knew my anxieties and apprehensions. All I wanna ask Him right now is for me to have a safe spontaneous delivery of a healthy baby... Please pray for me as well.

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Anonymous said...

uhm, maybe at this time you've given birth already.. congrats!!

Jr said...

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Kim@stuffcould.... said...

I hope you are not overdue anymore! I went overdue with both of my kids but all was fine

Unknown said...

Hope your little bundle of joy showed up! I know what it's like to be overdue and it's NO FUN! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog again, my big numbers are mostly due to the giveaways I run, but hang in there and you'll have a big following someday as well!

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